Agent Orange Ganja 

Agent Orange (Grasslands) by jimmyinspazZz (1)


Lineage: Orange Velvet X Jack The Ripper

A combination of Orange Velvet with Jack The Ripper puts this strain just into the sativa leaning category.  Agent Orange sensimilla was bred by TGA Subcool.  The buzz feels very middleground with no anxiety.  Excellent for depression, minor headaches or just a head change.

Agent Orange (Orange Velvet X Jack The Ripper)

Smooth, Vibrant Citrus Flavor That Is Unforgettable

Flower is dense with medium to large buds that smell wonderful.  Very orange with a tad touch of spice gives this cannabis a vibrant citrus taste.  Smoke has a little cough after toking, but nothing too extreme.  The flavor is smooth as can be and unforgettable in a way that makes this ganja very sought after once supply is gone.

Sativa Dominant cannabis leans in direction of sativa. A sativa is classified by having less than -0.5% myrcene. Myrcene is a monoterpene known for making user sedated with a body high.

jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Agent Orange at Grasslands Dispensary 154 Lawrence St in awesome Eugene Oregon


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