Alien Rock Candy Sensimilla by jimmyinspazZz

Very Interesting Cannabis

Alien Rock Candy is a very interesting cannabis strain.  A combination of Sour Dubble and Tahoe Alien both leaning indica 80/20.  Depending on how it is grown Sour Dubble can stand can be a fairly even hybrid.  For my preference the more indica the better, but both these parent strains are great heavy hitter mellow high’s.

Super Dense Ganja With Foxtail Buds

Alien Rock Candy is super dense with foxtail bud’s that have sharp twisted pointed cone shape.  Sometimes several of these funky cosmic looking shapes on the same nugget.  Another strain with similar nuggets is SFV OG.

Sensimilla With Sweet Taste Of Candy

Nuggets are supper dense and not suitable for joints.  Can take a minute to get the pipe fired up with a thickness even the flame takes a minute to permeate.  After getting through the “rock” part comes the sweet taste of “candy” with a sour note on exhale. 

Heady And Mellow At Times Unsettling

The buzz although mellow feels heady.  For me the high could not decide where to settle at times feeling motivated with a heavy restless nothing to follow.  Settling on a game of chess with my friend who had same type of unsettled vibe after smoking was the key.  Alien Rock Candy sensimilla is mellow on the body and deep in thought.  



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