Allen Wrench by jimmyinspazZz


Strong, Tasty And Gives A Jolt To Senses

Allen Wrench stands out to me for the smell which is strong & gives a jolt to the senses. As this dense bud is broken up the smell is amplified giving a little foreshadowing to the upcoming buzz. The taste which is exactly like the odor except with a little more bite to it which might be felt in throat. Good to keep some cold liquid nearby if there are any breathing sensitivities or if easily irritated by spicier or sharper smoke. The high is very similar to presentation of this flower giving an instantaneous feeling of alertness.


Very Positive “Get It Done” Attitude


Very positive vibe that starts out a bit fast paced, but settles into a functional “get it done” attitude. Prefer this strain at higher percentages because the buzz seems to last a really long time. Aside from an extended buzz at higher doses this strain also allows for an easy settling back down usually ending in sleep. Did not use Allen Wrench for pain, but could see how this strain could be useful in overcoming uncomfortable feelings in body. Or at least help forget about these ailments for a good long while.

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