Angles In Architecture: Tall Eugene

Buildings In Downtown Eugene Oregon Can Be Up To 150 ft Tall

Funky stairwell building on 11th in between Williamette St and Olive across from bus station.

US Bank Building on 10th and Williamette is one of the taller buildings in the city.

Buildings in downtown can be up to 150 feet tall.  The Hilton is one of the cities tallest buildings at 149 feet

Eugene has unique restrictions on heights that a building be either 500 ft above sea level or 40 feet height maximum.  The greater of the two is permitted to allow everyone views of Skinner’s Butte which stands at 648 feet above sea level.

In 1966 the residents set this precedent through city planning due to the Ya-Po-Ah Terrace being built.  This out of place building is 212 ft directly in eyesore view from most angles in the city

Looking up side of tall building downtown Eugene Oregon jimmyinspazzz
My next post will show pictures of  Ya-Po-ah Terrace.  Personally it is a cool building when up close it just looks stupid from afar.  It especially is a blemish from atop the butte after hiking up for a rad view of the valley.

Urban Photography Looking up side of tall building downtown Eugene Oregon jimmyinspazzzCheck out the second part of this post for some cool angled shots of the tallest building in Eugene Oregon.  Plus jimmyinspazZz will reveal what this strange named controversial building blocking the butte’s real purpose is?

Part 2

Angles In Architecture: Ya-Po-Ah Terrace





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