Angles In Architecture Part 2:Ya-Po-Ah Terrace

It is private property with 2 requests to walk to roof via stairwell denied to me at front desk.  So now it is a goal of mine to smoke a joint on the roof.  Only 20 more years until that golden age of rooftop spliffery. A stoner can dream can’t he?

Saved the best part for last about the Ya-Po-Ah Terrace.  This has humored me since moving to Eugene Oregon 17 years ago. Mainly because of the controversy that surrounds the building.  

The Ya-Po-Ah Terrace in all of the awkward view blocking grandeur of the tallest building in Eugene Oregon everyone is over the age of 55.  A retirement home is Eugene’s thorn in the side

Personally jimmyinspazZz passes this big leaning building which always seems to be about to fall over.  Save money, skip Italy and come check out Eugene Oregon’s “Leaning Tower Of Old Folks” =)

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Angles In Architecture: Tall Eugene

Have a fabulous day folks, thanks for stopping by =)

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