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Lineage: Animal Cookies X Joseph

Animism is a strain in which I really enjoy.  Grown by Benson Elvis who always has wonderful terpene packed ganja no matter which strain.  Awesome growers who I have linked above to their Instagram account which is private so heads up.  Being very low key it seems counterintuitive for me to shout out how awesome of a job their farm does.  My instincts say praise and mention the Cherry Chem which blew my mind.  Thank you and keep up the excellent work!!

Back to Animism a tasty, middleground hybrid that feels good.  The buds are firm, but not overly dense so crumble into joints with ease.  The parents of this strain Animal Cookies which is part of the GSC family and Joseph a short branch off the Chemdog genetic tree both are upbeat feeling sativa.  Both have that more focused high without the sedative effects of terpene  myrcene to pull those eyelids down. 

Sensimilla Lineage Which Merges Nicely With Quality Buzz Meeting Great Flavor

Does not mean this organic hydrocarbon is nonexistent in the Animism ganja strain because the buzz is not edgy either. THC by itself can actually cause very unpleasant reactions with terpenes like myrcene helping to mitigate the more unpleasant anxiety.  Plus most sensimilla strains have at least a little bit of the most abundant terpene found in the plant.  Gage Green Genetics did a fabulous job of choosing two plants which merge so nicely with quality buzz meeting great flavor.

To be honest (mentioned in other posts) my least favorite sensimilla strains are usually middleground hybrids for the lack of zeal produced.  Most of these varieties are so even keeled I barely feel the buzz.  My daily smoking ritual has increased my tolerance to the point of this mindset which is why these seem to be good strains for folks just starting to partake.  Often percentages are lower and extreme effects do not exist like ‘couch lock’ or high anxiety. 



Animism Strain Carries Head Into Positive Space With Very Flexible Buzz

Animism does not produce an anxious feeling nor sleepy stoned yet carries the head into a positive space.  Very flexible buzz although strong with a stackable buzz so the more ingested the more intense the high.  Some buzz’s have a cap so no matter how much more is toked the head stays in the same space.  Unless smoking just for the sake of habit my practice is to ride out these strains high and save the money.  Or just smoke a different strain =) Mix it up a little.


Animism Cannabis Bud Structure, Odor Overview & Cough Factor

Medium to large buds with funny looking pointed ends.  Sticky flower coated with trichomes which cannot be viewed without looking close due to darker hues.  Orange meshes with red with a darker green that looks brown from afar.  Animism cannabis buds have a strong odor after broken apart yet otherwise conceal the odor very well. 

Once that flower is set ablaze that story changes with a deep Kush smell reminding of dirt or coffee maybe chocolate with a slight fruity sweetness.  Smoke from this flower has a bite to it that causes cough.  I like that feeling which often catapults me right into a stellor high.  If I have a congested cold it is not a sought after thing so may not be best strain for breathing issues. 


Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety side effects that come along with Animism is quality mental medicine

Overall this strain is fantastic with great accolades. Little medicinal value physically with very low pain relief and null munchies.  Anti-depressant and anti-anxiety side effects that come along with Animism is quality mental medicine bringing on a positive attitude and smiles galore.Animism (TJs) by jimmyinspazZz Side Angle




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