Berry Bomb Sensimilla


Indica dominant weed ganja original photography by jimmyinspazZz Cannabis of indica dominant variety is 0.5%+ in terpene myrcene. Hybridized not 100% indica

Lineage For Berry Bomb Cannabis:

Bomb Seeds – Blueberry F2 X Bomb #1

Elemental Seeds – Blackberry X Blue Dynamite

berry bomb art jimmyinspazzz

Sweet, Fruity Indica Dominant Cannabis

Berry Bomb is indica dominant in nature with a wonderfully sweet fruity taste.  The berry family of strains is usually similar in taste with a tart that comes about after initial juicy palette fades.  Ganja which could be considered a dessert weed like Blackberry Cheesequake or Blue Dragon.  These type of strains are great for mixing with less terpy and tasty strains.

Dessert Strains Great For Making Salads To Mitigate Unwanted Effects/Tastes Of Other Strains

Making a salad with different varieties can also be a great way to manage harsher smoke by adding a smoother or mitigate the more anxious effects of sativas by mixing in a indica.  Possibilities are endless in finding a medicine which works with our personal chemistry.  In general Berry Bomb sensimilla is not a high percentage being around 16-20% and smoke is not heavy on cough at all.  

Berry Bomb Ganja Has Big, Fluffy Buds With Lively Gregarious Buzz

The indica portion is not a heavy couch lock the buzz has more of a lighthearted giggly feeling.  There is nothing heavy about this flower even the buds are big and fluffy.  Almost too fluffy for joints would be my only gripe.  This flower does break up easy and burn up fast so in finding a moist bud type to throw in mix would aid in the slowing of the burn for a more mellow enjoyment.

Munchies With Zonk Out For A Fast Burning Bud With Quick Buzz

Symbiotic strains supporting each other for my peak enjoyment being high, that is sweet =)  Munchies come on heavy within a half hour so hard to resist the indica sedation spreading over body which closes this fast burning, fast lived buzz from Berry Bomb cannabis.  jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Berry Bomb at Bud’s Cannabis Collection in fabulous Eugene Oregon on 1st in between Lawrence and Washington Street Park near awesome skateboard park and Owen Rose Garden.


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