Big Skunk by jimmyinspazZz

Usually indica dominant versions are seen in the dispensaries of this flower smells like the name implies . Same parents Big Bud X Skunk #1 switched to Skunk #1 X Big Bud creates a


One Flower;Two Lineages

The latter better for recreational users entire function with a lighter buzz. With the medicinal qualities of strong pain relief in muscle calming stoney it is no suprise the indica leaning hybrid ganja is more popular.

Big Skunk by jimm

Much shorter flowering time than the La Plata Big Bud. Yield of any variety tested this hybrid by The Seed Bank.

La Plata Labs version Is mostly indica and easy to grow very fast a flowering. Strong smell, extremely potent. To be honest it is not my favorite strain to smoke for a mediocre high and a little throat burn The trade-off is that it is usually inexpensive and does smell really good.

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