Black Indica Cannabis

By jimmyinspazZz

Black Indica by jimmyinspazZZ
Black Indica is a cross between Pure Kush which is a phenotype of OG Kush (most likely) and an Afghani landrace also known for indica character.  In the same character as other true ganja medicines like ‘Nine Pound Hammer’ or Night Nurse’ a complete healing zonk out will be the buzz. 

The amount of time it takes for these sleepytime diva strains to do their business depends on THC content.  Do not take this lightly when I say it might take ten minutes or could creep on for 45.  Just be prepared not to stir for at least a few hours most likely much longer though. 

The body waves are awesome so definitely a muscle relaxer. straight up insomnia cure with a taste like honeysuckles and skunk farts.  And what a wonderful combination that is keeping with the light spacey ambience this strain has very mellow smoke. 

Not a heavy cougher, but heavy on munchies for sure.  Keep something quick and easy close by for snacking because this slumber is heavy, but these munchies will have you sleep walking to the closest junk food aisle. 

Black Indica is heavy weed, but she cleans up very well the next day with little hangover or spaced out feeling.  If any of you stoners are lucky enough to get thy paws on this indica medicine bud stock up for the medicine cabinet.  Not so much party pot, but to each his own =)

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