Blackberry Pineapple Cannabis

By jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Blackberry Kush X Pineapple Cannabis

Blackberry Pineapple cannabis strain is a power packed flavor punch.  Full of two sativa leaning ganja strains which themselves are unique full terpene blasts.  Buds are a wonderful array of colors with purples colliding with 5 different hues of green, some yellow with red and orange hairs throughout dense buds.


Little Edginess; Low THC; Great For Mixer Weed

For a buzz Blackberry Pineapple is a bit on edge.  This strain is great for mixing with other strains that do not have as strong and nice a flavor.  Blackberry Pineapple does not carry high THC percentages which kills the buzz fast.  Mixing helps extend that high will improving other sensimilla taste.


These buds are worth purchasing to look at since they are extra spectacular in color.  jimmyinspazZz purchased Blackberry Pineapple at Nectar Cannabis at 340 River Road in Eugene Oregon

Check out my review on Pineapple cannabis strain which is a parent strain to Blackberry Pineapple =)

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