Blueberry Headband


Lineage: Blueberry X Emerald OG X Cali Sour D X Pre Bubba 98


Indica dominant weed ganja original photography by jimmyinspazZz Cannabis of indica dominant variety is 0.5%+ in terpene myrcene. Hybridized not 100% indica

Blueberry Headband by jimmyinspazZz


Must admit going into the “Blueberry Headband” experience there was very high expectations just for the badass name alone. Some strains come with a predetermined veneration due to the fame of pedigree. Both Blueberry and Headband strains have made such big names for themselves that such reputation is carried onto their offspring. This flower can relate to Paris Hilton in that regard, but unlike her does not depend on birthright alone.

cannabis vector by jimmyinspazZz


Super Tasty And Tranquil Buzz

Super tasty & tranquil buzz that holds its own against its predecessors and contemporaries (Cheesy Headband & Blue Wreck for example). Did not see the actual buds before being broken up into a preroll so cannot note that. The taste being sweet & tranquil on inhale with the same notes on breathing out just with an added diesel punch. Not a high energy buzz yet did not shut me down at all considering the 2 mile hike up the side of a mountain that was enhanced.


Miraculous Migraine Relief


Miraculous part was that the whole event was almost canceled due to a migraine forming behind my left eye.  Pressure was really bad & nausea had set in with the sunlight causing a uncomfortable blood pounding feeling. A little puff-puff of this medicine every few minutes took complete care of that all the way to the top of the Butte. The view was phenomenal with the cannabis giving ability to push through.


That’s Hot Instead Of Badass Pot


With focus on drinking water & breathing in the fresh air the almost impossible feat of avoiding a debilitating migraine was accomplished. Honestly did not vote 5 stars because unlike other Headband strains I’ve tried there was not that cool sensation around my head. A classic nonetheless even without a catchphrase like “That’s hot”, maybe instead “BADASS POT!!”

For the record I’d totally party with Paris. Get a hold of me girl, we can work on that legacy, and making some dank strains of our own =) On that note this is some great lovemaking weed & may it be suggested a panoramic view at high altitudes will enhance this effect. And heal migraines. But I’m not a doctor so just saying. 

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