Lineage: 1.Blueberry X Cherry Pie X Sour Grape

2.Blueberry X GSC

Blueberry Shortcake combines Blueberry 90/10 indica dominant with Cherry Pie 50/50 a pretty even hybrid. At this point my very unscientific nor calculated math instinct puts it indica 70/30.

Final three way cross to Sour Grape another middle ground hybrid 50/50 would pull the indica gauge down to 60/40. This often helps when deciding which strains suits any particular situation.

Blueberry (i)90


Cherry Pie (i)50 = (i)70 is the middle ground or average


Sour Grape (i)50 X (i)70 makes it (i)60 so 60 percent indica

Cannabis Confused?

Not at all you got this. It is simply averaging out percentages which in most cannabis strains only involves two. A bunch of ganja breeds have three parents such as Blueberry Shortcake.

Good example is a favorite of mine 9 Pound Hammer mastering the three-way cross . While there are even a handful that have four or more in their lineage. Let’s talk about them another time 🙂

Always A Budtender by Assist

Reality is that unless this is of interest there is no need to worry about it. In dispensaries everything is labeled with budtenders to assist. When learning of new cannabis strains my brain plays lightning round trivia to guess the parents.

Round 2 based on knowledge of where on scale of indica/sativa the genetic donars are my brain does above calculation. All that happens in less than a minute although properly stoned it takes 2 hours.

Weed Geeks Trivia

Especially fun if other weed geeks or budtender who’s always a slight fanatic turn this moment into ganja game show. Sometimes everyone is right and wins. For example with the Blueberry Shortcake, there is also another cross with same name different parents.

Talking pot in public intelligently is priceless. Priceless 🙂

Yes shocking, take a minute for a bong rip. A combined Blueberry X GSC also makes forcing ganja of same name BS. Obviously BS is for Blueberry Shortcake because it is true and sounds wonderful. Appreciate the random stoner at Flower Of Lyfe in downtown Eugene for sharing.

Ol Factory Sensimilla Test

After that the jar comes open for a big whiff with visual under magnifying lens if you choose. Usually I don’t even look at it until I take pictures of it at home. Immediately upon impact BS was no bullshit with sweet fruity mosslike dankness creeping up nose.

The ol factory senses did not lie with a thick smoke that wasn’t heavy on hacking. Now with all that talk of why it is good to know where something leans in terms of sativa or indica throw that aside sometimes. Like right now just toss. Because this sensimilla strain should be a little more neutral middle ground.

Vibe Is Indica Not Middle Ground??

Vibe is indica barely above the level of ‘couch lock’. Little heavy for partying although it can be good also depending on crowd. At 29% THC it throws much off that synergy to being stoned. Many factors that go into balance of the buzz.

Amazing Medicine Not For Lightweights

BS Sensimilla strain is known for having higher THC percentages with a high flying get little done buzz. Not for lightweights. Amazing medicine especially if rest is needed with top of line pain relief. Numbing. Muscle and head relaxer. Great conversation starter between strangers.

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