Banner Ganja, Art And ADHD/ADD


Bruce Banner (Grasslands) Strawberry Diesel X OG Kush by jimmyinspazzz (3)Lineage: Strawberry Diesel X

OG Kush

Bruce Banner is a popular sativa dominant (most of the time) strain.  In my travels of Eugene Oregon dispensaries over the past three years one of the Banners appears on a weekly basis.  Most common are #1 #3 and #5 with number three taking lead as most popular.

Bruce Banner Is Characteristically All Over The Phenotypic Spectrum

Bruce Banner usually a sativa dominant strain created originally by Delta 9 Labs crossing Strawberry Diesel with OG Kush was BB #3. There have been phenotypes since which are indica leaning like the strain created by Dark Horse Genetics. There is a BB #5 which leans heavily sativa created by ‘OG Ironlung’ by crossing OG Kush x Reservoir Strawberry Diesel (Strawberry Cough x Sour Diesel).

Sativa Dominant Ganja With A Fruit Taste And Heady Buzz

Crossing Strawberry Diesel a sativa dominant flower leaning more toward the sativa end of the spectrum than middleground with a sweet fruity taste and heady buzz.  This more extreme sativa cannabis is brought more toward the center by the ever popular OG Kush who in general is near the middle of the sativa/indica scale.


Bruce Banner Ganja by jimmyinspaZz.jpg (3)

Cough Always Ends With A Crisp, Perfect High That Can Go In Any Direction Usually Creative

Personally jimmyinspazZz has smoked OG Kush both sativa and indica versions preferring a more mellow ganja leans toward the latter.  OG Kush always has that distinct taste of earthy, chocolate laced touch of exotic spices and sometimes a nice gas-like taste which makes me cough.  The cough always ends with my head being completely stoned to a crisp perfect high that could go any direction, but for me is usually creative.

Bruce Banner (Grasslands) Strawberry Diesel X OG Kush by jimmyinspazzz (1)


Oil Painting Tribal Spiderweb by jimmyinspazZz

Bruce Banner Sensimilla Taste And Percentages


Bruce Banner is no doubt popular and strain that has made a name for itself.  Folks seem to love the taste which meshes the kush flavor above with a sweeter fruity note.  My opinion is that the taste is bland.  Banner often peaks above the 25% of THC range which is also a huge draw.  For me with a percentage like that and a good smell coming from the jar it is a given to purchase that strain.  If I were trying cannabis for the first time Bruce Banner would not be my first choice.


Bruce Banner Offers A Creative Vibe With A Relaxed Feeling

Bruce Banner takes that creative vibe and offers with it a relaxed feeling which is not a common combination for artist such as I.  Art is not a relaxing hobby it is the creative tension cracking a whip on my subconscious to create this perfect minds eye vision that beats the living heck out of my ego by gradually dancing my original vision right off the end of a cliff. Bruce Banner Ganja by jimmyinspaZz.jpg


A Gang Of Robbers Out To Get Their Crack Fix My Half Finished Art Stares At Me From Foot Of Bed

Making art is not a good time at all with a constant stress that follows me to sleep at night overwhelming my dreams with brainstorms.  The brainstorms thunder through my unconscious until like a buzzer going off my toes wiggles and opening my eyes like a gang of robbers out to get their crack fix my half finished art pieces stare at me from the edge of my bed. 


Much Like An Adrenaline Rush My Body Gets Sugar Shock From Creating With Or Without Purpose Or Beauty

Because art has always been my wicked stepmother/Norman Bates/Scarface/Alf and I am the cat kind of relationship.  Art prevents suicide through frustration and wasted time with a inner punk child that makes cool things out of anything at whim, but ironically this whim is an internal nagging torment instinctually forcing me to flock in that direction.  Much like adrenaline rushes my body gets sugar shock from creating with or without purpose or beauty.


ADD/ADHD, Art, And Cannabis

jimmyinspazZz has severe ADD/ADHD that fluctuates between hyperactive and hyperfocused.  Most folks with ADHD/ADD that continues into adulthood (about 5% or less) will see a slow move back and forth between these two symptoms throughout life.  For me cannabis and art are medications that relieve these symptoms enough to maintain a healthy, happy life.


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