Bubba NYC Sensimilla Review By jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Original NYC Diesel X Bubba Kush

Bubba New York is indica dominant cannabis 80/20 combining original New York City Diesel and Bubba Kush. Excellent strain for a semi functional ganja with positive mood stabilizing properties and medium to high pain relief. Also excellent for libido issues or eating disorders.

Euphoric Ice Breaker Morphs Into Sex, Food and Stoned Sedation

The latter is due to an intense case of munchies which kicks in about an hour into buzz. After that it is stoned fade into sleep. Up until this point the weed high is euphoric perma-grin creating a social butterfly out of a wallflower if situation is correct. Basically Bubba makes every situation fabulous settling in my favorite things sex and food.

May Cause Anxiety For First Few Minutes, but…..

Combination is fine if Bubba NYC sends us in food fetish fornication forget trepidation using this strain as a barrier breaker or lubricant for braveness. Pun intended. May cause a little anxiety for first 15-20 minute. If prone to this bad feeling in general and pot makes it worse usually my suggestion might be to brave it. This too shall pass and frankly Bubba is worth it creating nothing but the opposite for majority and duration of being stoned.

Taste, Smell, Effect Makes Bubba NYC Awesome Cannabis

Tastes really similar to Bubba Kush (go figure) with spicy cinnamon like notes. Flower itself ranges from popcorn buds all the way to whooping baseball sized. Smell is not overt but definitely split fills the space as soon as nugget is cracked open. Buds break up well for the joints. Another good quality is the superb forever brought out when mixing with other strains specifically in my case blue city diesel. Really awesome terpene profile leaving me a happy camper over and over 🙂 if camping on your couch counts.



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