Lineage: Granddaddy Purple X Bay Platinum Cookies

Candyland Ganja on ticket stub by jimmyinspazZz Photography with lineage


Upbeat, happy flower with a sweet & spicy taste. Love to enjoy while on long bike rides around the city. A great strain for when life can’t be stopped, but pain stands in the way of moving forward. The buzz is very conducive to activities where focus is a necessity.  Has a strong sativa/ sativa dominant feeling.


Motivational Head High

Hyper-focused mindset allows for forgetting our ailments while other chemical compounds within cannabis numb. This combination of motivational head high, pain reduction & tasty terpenes is perfect for recreational or medicinal.Candyland Ganja on ticket stub by jimmyinspazZz Photography

Not Overtly Strong Ganja Albeit Can Cause Anxiety

Have partaken in a good amount of Candyland rarely seeing it reach over the 20% so it is not super potent.  It will stack up so use in moderation if a lightweight or double up on tokes for the heavyheads. That being said too much of this strain can cause anxiety so don’t over do it if this is an issue. 


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