Cannabis Seedbank And/Or Breeders Logos Letters A-F Slideshow

By jimmyinspazZz

Smorgasbord Of Useless Nostalgia

No doubt a complete dork and collector of a smorgasbord of useless sentiment.  Travel guides from every state park, post cards to cover the globe, pins that say weird hubbub, leather jackets, pics of dudes giving the middle finger, every pipe that ever broke decorates my oldest plant, close to 300 ticket stubs and logos of cannabis culture, fashion houses and of course my personal portfolio decades thick in creativity galore. 

Pile Of Vomit Mended Together Into Stoned Genius

This So much awesome means there was three times more useless shit art my sight cannot stand yet I keep to make more art with someday.  Follow me please my precious kindred stoners.  jimmyinspazZz is saving trashed art of my own because someday that vomited pile of mistakes will be mended together with such genius everybody first thought will be. 

“Damn he must have been good at Tetris” 

Thank you and yes correct Tetris set me up to pack trunks with unfathomable loads of stuff =) My appreciation for that Russian dropping block mind fuck goes aiding in my ability to organize, make compact and stomp on Buddha’s toe keeping hold of all the things keeping me attached to pain.Moral of story besides Tetris is great would be a life lesson. 

Rose Colored Ugly Smile Painted A Touch Of Grey

Many of the logos due to age, size and jimmyinspazZz’s gift/curse the bittersweet inability to let go of things in my heart.  This is not an apology because honestly it is my preference to view the past as it was.  It was pretty blurry at times with a rose colored ugly smile painted a touch of grey that would never be seen again were I to upgrade.

Past Is Awesome Warts And All

Ok guys don’t eat that bullshit =)  The slideshows will be revamped to perfection.  There is no doubt that my audience is intelligent enough to Google a better view for the time being.  Personally think this stuff is awesome warts and all. 

Logos Are An Art Form

Logos are an artform that is noticed almost everywhere we look once making a few.  There are so many seed banks, breeders and the ilk that several slideshows will be posted within a short time. 

If anyone has a favorite brand that is posted (or not) please share in comments.  Everyone have a fabulous weekend!!

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