CBD Critical Cure

Lineage: Quimiotipo CBD x Critical Kush

CBD Critical Cure is calming for both body and mind which allows for restoration. Has a sweet taste similar to hay or sweetgrass so can be nice to mix with other tastier strains. 

CBD Critical Cure is a cbd rich strain and also indica dominant.  

Blue Dragon, sativa dominant is a good mixer because of strong blueberry dessert taste and more alert effect.  If desired sativa varieties seems to level off the overwhelming sedative effect of CBD Critical Cure.

CBD Critical Cure Is Very Sedating & Mellow

Since CBD Critical Cure leans in direction of indica it has a very mellow jello effect leaning into a medical grade high aka sedated & sleepy. With any cannabis do not operate a motor vehicle after consumption.

jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Critical Cure CBD at Emerald City Medicinal in Eugene Oregon.


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