Middle Ground Hybrid Sensimilla Great For Novice

Cherry Lime Rickey is sativa dominant 60/40  ganja strain which is the combination of Cherry Lime Haze a sativa leaning flower with Sweet Cross going the opposite way being an indica hybrid who together bring a middle ground sensimilla great for beginners with generally mid level percentages of THC.  Cherry Lime Rickey is a bit rare only having seen it once in 4 years on the dispensary circuit.

Cherry Lime Rick(e)y Cannabis By jimmyinspazZz

Great Color With OK Buzz

Bright orange meshed with an unusually low key bright green buds are brilliant compared to the danker, deeper greens which are common.   Flower itself is overly sticky with stringy attachments making joints a challenge. Smoke is a bit harsh with sweet tart exhale.  Buzz is ok probably awesome for those who do not smoke every day with little to no medicinal value.  This is a strain jimmyinspazZz has to get to know a little better =)

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