jimmyinspazZz Presents

5 Classic Indica Cannabis Strains

Blueberry (Afghani X Thai X Purple Thai)
Blueberry is a cross of Afghani X Thai Landraces X Purple Thai
Grape Skunk (Grapefruit X Blueberry X Super Skunk)
Grape Skunk Blends Grapefruit X Blueberry X Super Skunk Cannabis
Nine Pound Hammer, Indica (Gooberry X Hell's OG X Jack The Ripper) by jimmyinspazzz
Nine Pound Hammer is a cross of Gooberry X Hell's OG X Jack The Ripper
Northern Lights a landrace strain by jimmyinspazzz
North Lights is Colombian X Afghani X Thai Landrace Cannabis Strains
Hindu Kush Indica Cannabis by jimmyinspazZz Photography
Hindu Kush is my personal favorite of all cannabis I have tried. Landrace from the Hindu Kush Mountian Region.

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