Cookies & Cream Cannabis Review by jimmyinspazZz

Cookies and Cream sativa dominant by jimmyinspazzz 

Lineage: Starfighter X GSC Phenotype



Buds Reminded Of Beasters, Totally Different Though In Every Other Way

My feelings could go either way with this strain. There is not much to it honestly in regards to substance. The buds are average reminding me a lot of beasters with same uniform shape of a little turd. One thing to note in a positive regard is that the flower is perfect for rolling joints. Nuggets being that perfect middle ground between fluffy and super dense that crumble between your fingers like flour.

Excellent Strain For Spliffs Combing Two Weeds.  Fun to mix and match =)

This is a lifesaver for me with this strain because my preference is to mix C&C with other fruity or unique tasting. For example some Root Beer Float bud or Northern Berry which I experimented with both with fabulous results. Smoking a spliff combo while typing of Marionberry Kush X Cookies & Cream and tastes like those little cookies with fruit in middle all jelly like Grandma sometimes has.

Cookies & Cream BW Design by jimmyinspazZz

Have smoked this strain more since and enjoy flavor a lot.  It grew on me.

Which does leave me with the opinion the taste closely resembles the namesake although a bit oreo, but a super flat landing. It  reminds of sawdust or that yummy ice cream flavor I love.  Think I’ll go with the latter on this one, but the flavor is more of a vibe that goes with this strains name.
Great Buzz Even If Tasted Like….
Finally, the buzz, because lets face it weed with tasty terps is the bomb and the way I shop these days, but….. but really if it was the only cannabis available yet tasted like dog shit (which I cannot really say because I love Dog Shit Cherry Pie and Dog Shit for that matter so so much =) anyway back track….and tasted like alligator jizz most of us stoners would still smoke it for the buzz.

Cookies & Cream Side by jimmyinspazZz

Great Flavor Terpenes Combining In This Ganja
This strain never really got me there unless mixing it with other weeds. Not mixing with more potent strains more like awesome nugget flavor combos really. Brought this simple dessert coined wallflower weed to life.
jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Cookies & Cream at Grasslands Dispensary located in Eugene Oregon at 154 Lawrence St at base of Skinner’s Butte and also at Hunky Dory between 6th and 7th Ave at 675 Lincoln St below the cigar shop.
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Cookies and Cream sativa dominant by jimmyinspazzz
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