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Sativa Dominant 60/40


Lineage: Grape Ape X Nevil’s Wreck

Grape Ape:  Mendo Purps x {Skunk x Afghanistan}

Nevil’s Wreck: E32 Arcata Trainwreck DrJays Cut x Neville’s Haze F3 BX2

When breaking down Dark Shadow Haze genetics to the very basics.  Grape Ape has deep roots in the Skunk sensimilla varieties with Mendo Purps being a known skunky herb.  Cross that heavy handed indica with yet another Skunk (and Afghani) it is no doubt as mellow and skunk-licious as it gets.

Skunk #1 on jimmyinspazZz

Skunk Family Strains Lineage

(in general)

Skunk strains (in general) came from crossing Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold both sativa landraces from South American country namesake.  This sativa love child afterward was crossed with a Afghani indica to create the stable Skunk strains we know today.  The reason (in general) prefaced that statement is because from what I have learned the breeding process will always create some inconsistencies from plant to plant because each plant has different parents.  At some point any strain can have more than one lineage so in essence it is more characteristics of ganja that make the most sense to focus on. 

Skunk #1 on jimmyinspazZz

Researching Skunk Cannabis Family Origins

The whole process of selecting and breeding for a phenotype starts with many plants being pinned down to a single line.  Researching the Skunk family origin led me to the story of Sam Skunkman which I learned about on alchimiaweb.com if folks want to check it out.  This is extremely fascinating and I will be first to admit connecting my experiences being high on each cannabis strain with all the emerging science and on top of that social responsibility has been really hard for jimmyinspazZz.  Great informative websites, friends and meditation have been key in connecting some of those dots =)

Sativa weed ganja original photography by jimmyinspazZz Cannabis of sativa variety is -0.5% in terpene myrcene.

Heady Haze Cannabis History

Bringing it back to Dark Shadow Haze which really pulls in the direction of heady sativa.  The other side of the lineage is Nevil’s Haze a dominant sativa powerhouse. These genetics bring on a ‘heady full force locomotion straight ahead’ buzz as expected from a strain that has deep roots in Haze family.  Haze strains are (in general) a cross between three sativa landraces from Colombia, Mexico and Thailand with one purebreed indica from India.  

Guess who Sam Skunkman’s neighbor and good friend was?  In the same spirit as above here is a well written and entertaining historical account of how the Haze ganja family came to popularity on alchimiaweb.com   

Dark Shadow Haze Cannabis on jimmyinspazzz

Dark Shadow Haze Is A Focused Cannabis Strain With A Stron Buzz Which Passes Quickly

Whereas a Skunk strain can go either way being a stable sativa or indica Haze takes a single direction.  Being dominantly a sativa the Haze family has a focused buzz with a high energy which fades within an hour or two.  Haze tends to have a harsher come down period because it is sharp going from euphoric/ elated to burnt out/sleepy/couch lock without much notice at all.  For me personally Haze can be the culprit to some intense dry mouth so stay hydrated. 

Haze Cannabis Varieties DO NOT HELP with my migraines instead exasperate

If not careful migraines begin this way for me.  Through personal experience I have experienced that Haze strains in general even when hybridized DO NOT HELP my migraines instead agitating them.  Many other people have the opposite experience and swear by Haze strains for headache relief so experiment for yourself in moderation.  Dark Shadow Haze has small to medium sized buds which break open nicely for joints.  Tastes like hay and pine trees smell if combined.  

Sensimilla Dark Shadow Haze was purchased by jimmyinspazZz at La Mota in fabulous Eugene Oregon on 1297 W 7th tucked in the back corner of a parking lot.







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