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Durban Or Poison Haze Cannabis Review by jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Durban Poison X Haze
Labeled as Durban Haze, pretty sure it is the same strain as Poison Haze. A little shake of the jar or squeeze from this nug will give it extra pop that is not there initially. Or at least not there in such intense extravagant detail. Cocoa again as if this receptor was opened up recently so this terpene is noticed more.
Add To List Of Good Sativa Winter Strains
My cannabis diet has been sativa heavy with my needs going more in that direction in the winter months.  Eugene, Oregon  dispensaries have seen a high percentage sativa strains like Clementine, Honey Badger Haze, Super Lemon Haze, and with great approval & appreciation lots of heady, dank Headband around =)
To pull this back around to that cocoa, but not really it is more of a chemie diesel like taste. Kind of rich like dark chocolate and similar at times to that scent of fuel that is not supposed to be enjoyed, yet smells really good even if only briefly.
Lulling Back  Into The abyss of a dream

Reminds of traveling waking up to the gas button being pressed snapping open the door so close to our head lost in dreams. That gas smell lulling back into the abyss of dream. Durban Haze mixes that hazy side with that revitalizing zing of pine of Durban.
Upbeat weed for getting stuff done or hiking. One of the few strains that might be suggested for depression even as a very potent cannabis the come down is not abrupt or hard. It is not a heart thumping sativa that would cause anxiety either.
Great Coupled With A Cup Of Coffee

Personally I like to couple flower like this with coffee.  Without caffeine I can easily take a nap or veg out.  It is weed & in comparison this is not extremely animated like Hawaiian for example.
One of my faves I like intense highs which even at a high dose meaning a lot, often 2 grams/ 1 day with bud weighing in THC 21.86% CBD 0.6% in lab tests mixed with other strains of varied doses throughout day and never to heavy for public or a clear thought process.
Light pain relief & mood elevator 
Someone might use this for light pain such as a headache or pulled muscles. More of a mood & appetite enhancing definitely could help pain be overlooked with uplifted motivated high. Definitely would grab again under the right circumstances. 
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