Extreme Orange Cannabis


Lineage: Extreme OG X Orange Valley OG

Extreme OG by Exotic Genetix= Fire OG X Green Ribbon

Orange Valley OG by Relentless Genetics=  818 Pure SFV OG S1 x Agent Orange


Great For Novice Or Baking Ganja Food

Extreme Orange cannabis screams from shelf of bungee jump fastened to the moon dive nose grazing Death Valley as orange velvet clad Cher rides double harnessed 69 style films a Crush soda ad but can pops the high fades into a clean house, dinner cooked, served, with wind swept hair all in the matter of the Ultimate buzz!!!

Mellow Buzz With Light Orange Tasting Smoke; Not So Extreme

Extreme might create the notion of too much danger scaring off the lightweights or anxiety prone whom need the mellow weed not overt at all likened to a training wheel buzz which satisfies like a juice box with a broken straw.

Hybrid sensimilla strain Extreme Orange was purchased by jimmyinspazZz at Flower oF Lyfe at 114 Broadway in Eugene Oregon here is a link to Weedmaps


Orange flavored cannabis strains are composed of cyclic monoterpene d-Limonene also known as orange oil.  This chemical structure is C10H16 and looks like this

Other cannabis strains with this citrus flavored terpene compound are Ancient Orange ,Orange Cookies And Cake

or one of my all time favorites Orange Velvet









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