Fire Alien Kush

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Fire Alien Kush is a sativa dominant 80/20 hybrid created by breeding Fire Kush with Alien Kush.  OG Raskal was the breeder.  Photographs by jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Fire Kush X Alien Kush

Fire Alien Kush is a sativa dominant hybrid created by OG Raskal by combining Fire Kush which leans sativa 80/20 about 10 points more than Alien Kush 70/30 indica lean. This gives FAK a 65/35 maybe 70/30 sativa dominance, but the high screams very sativa.


First 15 Minutes Edgy Afterwards A Heady, Focused Head Trip

Little Edgy of a buzz for the first 10-15 minutes which tapers off into a more average hybrid feeling heady, but sustainable with a decent focus level.  For folks not sativa friendly that first quarter hour of the high might be intense feeling inside like the feelings are not something the mind can or wants to sustain. Fire Alien Kush is a sativa dominant 80/20 hybrid created by breeding Fire Kush with Alien Kush.  OG Raskal was the breeder.  Photographs by jimmyinspazZz


Try Enjoying The Tense Anxious Ball Of Freak Out Inside

That is what I mean by ‘sustainable’.  For folks who like that feeling such as myself the word ‘sustain’ could be replaced with retain, expand or extend.  For the folks who find this experience to be an overload try enjoying the tense anxious ball of freak out inside. 


Stereotypes Of Burnt Out Irresponsible Potheads Are Thankfully Fading

Whether the sativa dominant freak out individual is a novice user or just know how sativas effect them be responsible.  known either way there are a few things to keep in mind.  May seem obvious, but many folks whom are not cannabis users assume we are not responsible.  Bullshit, of course, but this stereotype which is fading, yet still prevails of the burnt out pothead. 

Cheech and Chong are roles amplified in comedy movies.  Anyone who has seen or heard these guys speak outside of the comedy routine know the intelligent tone of these savvy businessmen.  That is a stereotype that my hopes are legalization can keep sweeping out the door.

Fire Alien Kush (Medigreen) by jimmyinspazZz (4)

 3 Simple Steps For Creating A Fabulous Recreational Ganja Experience

As a stoner with their act together who wants to set a good example or at least not give the prohibition crowd fodder will: 

  1. Not have anything to do until they can sleep for 8 hours that is not for pleasure.  Responsibilities like children, employment, big events (weddings, funerals), small events (kids hockey game, dinner with president of PTA) or any event at all.  This is all my opinion but the first time through the 20th if not used for medicinal purposed should be for recreation.  Pre-planned better, but moods change with head change of being high just do not operate heavy machinery.  Have fun is usually the alternative to bugging out and so with nothing to do, no stress, just play it is much easier to lose the bad anxiety.

2.Start with one hit at a time waiting a quarter hour for next round when smoking cannabis.  Get to know your different strains for every little aspect from sight of flower to taste with an honest assessment of how the pot makes emotions magnify or not.  If with other folks know and trust them beforehand so the experience can be comfortable. 

Plus those folks will understand that you are a newbie just as it will be understood they can keep puffing to their level of satisfaction.  Cannabis is both a social & emotional lubricator/isolator. Everyone has different chemistry so will react with unique results that we all have to learn for ourselves.  Moderation although not jimmyinspazZz’s forte is a beautiful concept great when implemented. 

3. Drink lots of water.  For the normal ‘cotton mouth’ which generally goes away after years of smoking H2O is fabulous.  More important for this topic is that water is a third oxygen so when our bodies are not receiving enough.  Generally this happens when having panic attacks that drinking water helps calm steadying breath as well as replenishing.Fire Alien Kush is a sativa dominant 80/20 hybrid created by breeding Fire Kush with Alien Kush.  OG Raskal was the breeder.  Photographs by jimmyinspazZz

Flower With Nice Deep Earthy & Spicy Palette; Use With Caution If Breathing Issues

Flower has a nice deep taste that tastes dirty earthy like OG Kush with a spicy leather-like palate on exhale.  Smooth smoke which still has a little bite so a cough here and there happens just never turns into full coughing fit.  May or may not be alright for those with breathing issues so use with caution.  Smell out of jar is not super intense.  Increases when nuggets are broken up with smell and taste being the same.


Buds are medium size and compact with a great consistency for rolling joints.  Orange-reddish color of flower comes from lots of long red hairs covering nugget as much as green does. Awesome recreational flower with a decent amount of energy.  Medicinally Alien Fire Kush is very uplifting for mood issues like depression although as mentioned anxiety can be an issue. 

Hiking, before workout, or more active activities would be the route to go.  This strain also carries a good amount of focus at least for folks such as myself with ADD/ADHD.  Not sure if everyone will feel that aspect of this sativa leaning sensimilla.  When I come across this strain which is rare there is always bit put away in medicine cabinet for days when stuff needs to get done.


jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Fire Alien Kush at Oregon Medigreen at suite #112 570 Lawrence Street in Eugene Oregon in small plaza before onramp to Beltline Highway on 6th street and Lawrence.


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