Firestorm OG Cannabis Review by jimmyinspazZzFirestorm OG by jimmyinspazZz Photography

Firestorm OG is a indica dominant hybrid combining White Fire OG and GG#4.  White Fire OG stands out for me in terms of the buzz and flavor.  The Gorilla Glue really sits back in these genetics and can be felt a little in the high.  


‘The White’ Strain Is Tofu Of  Weed

The White is known for high percentages with a mild to almost non-existent taste and smell.   My description of  ‘The White’ has always compared to tofu in that it takes on the essence of which ever herb it is combined with.  This will bring up the THC percentages in strains with less than stellar percentages while leaving an unaltered flavor.  Just as tofu is substituted with different meals to lower fat, but still taste the same.


White Mixed With Fire OG For Quality Buzz

Fire OG is an excellent sativa dominant strain for relieving headache pain also allowing for a functional buzz.  Together in combination the weed produced is a sedating and low to moderate pain relief with euphoric buzz.  Quality buzz helps take mind off of any leftover pain the cannabinoids do not cover.


Taste Similar To OG Kush With Other  Mysterious Terpenes

Taste is nothing to raise any hype about, but is also not bad at all.  Deep, hearty smell likes OG Kush which settles on back of tongue just the right amount of time to reflect on the mysterious flavor.   Not long enough to call it out in full context for the other notes which bounce in and out so fast it is hard for me to say. 


Terpenes Make Difference In Ganja

Terpenes when alone can taste completely different than when combined with other terpenes. This is why the ‘entourage effect’ plays such an important role in the effects a cannabis strain may have on physical and mental reactions.  When mixed together these phytochemicals combine to create new aromas, flavors and reactions within our chemistry.


Firestorm OG is Functional and Relaxing Medicine

Firestorm OG cannabis is a great relaxing strain with decent medicinal qualities.  Good for small headaches or minor pains with still maintaining functionality with daily activities.


Firestorm OG with only no pigment by jimmyinspazZz Photography


jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Firestorm OG at Oregon Medigreen located at 570 Lawrence St #112 in Eugene Oregon right before the turn onto Beltline highway on 6th Ave



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