Recreation Is A Form Of Medicine

A three way combination of Gooberry 70/30 indica with Hell’s OG 80/20 indica to the sativa leaning 60/40 Jack The Ripper.  A absolutely beautiful medicine which was first cannabis I smoked and could distinguish between medicine and recreation.  An arguable statement for several reasons:

1. We all have different body chemistries so will react differently.  For example my ADD/ADHD will cause a select few sativa strains to have a opposite effect.  Sativas in general are a more alert, focused, heady, animated buzz.  Both stains Jack Herer and Sour Diesel hit me fine, but within 5 to 10 minutes knock me out like a benzo or sleeping pill.


2. Recreation and medicine are subjective terms.  Recreating to one person may be stress to another.  A bit cliche but my grandmother loves to knit yet imagine an 80 year old with 7 grandchildren playing tackle football? 

3.To muffle this idea even more let’s consider whether recreation and leisure is good for humans well being and health.  I believe getting high and hiking, laughing, making art, sex, good food, or just sleeping for the joy of it is truly natural medicine.  

Nine Pound Hammer is heavy on the indica side with very strong sedative properties.  It does not matter if percentage is high or low this flower will cause sleepiness within a half hour.  If someone broke this out at a party it would kill it by the end of a joint.

Not for activity or even watching television unless zoning in and out with head halfway in a dream is your thing.  There are times when I love that though.  Like when I am very sick with a fever and need to heal.  Do not remember much about what I watch really.  Isn’t that part of healing actually checking out with no stress?

When we sleep is when our bodies rejuvenate the best.  This would hand in hand with these strains which also give a natural pain relief to those avoiding the nasty side effects of opioids.  Personally I have a lock box that is my medicine cabinet of cannabis with Nine Pound Hammer always in it for migraines and restless nights.

Very mild restful buzz, yet also a very strong depressant which comes and goes with the passing buzz.  This bud can leave a lagging effect that can keep folks a bit sleepy the next day.  Most folks will not even notice after a cup of coffee.  Those with a regular depression should avoid for the sake of not sleeping for days falling into that rut.  My opinion with a little personal experience to back it up.

Earlier in my archive there is a post with more details on the essence of this strain.  By essence I mean flavor, bud structure and such things with this being more about medicinal value of using ganja vs the weed for partying.  As explained there are grey areas which all depend on personal beliefs and how we define our personal beliefs.  At least now that progress is being made cannabis can be studied scientifically and just as important we as a society have the right to medicate and recreate our bodies as we choose. 

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