Fruity Malawi by jimmyinspazZz

Lack of Oxygen or Stoned? Yikes

Does have a pineapple or guava hint upon exhale.  Flower  is a cougher. More hacking the higher my head gets which makes me think.  Lack of oxygen or stoned?  Not a fan of that question nor this strain. 

Little Medicinal Value

Seems to have little medical benefits with a calling for a quick buzz, munchies, sleep.  Will try again if price is right, but at $2 a gram Fruity Malawi works for those broke moments =)

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Fruity Malawi

Fruity Malawi is not very fruity.  Now that got this information off my chest it has occured that not much in Malawi would be described as fruity.  Very hot for the African desert also apparently the chic impoverished little babies conceived around there.

Dripping Nutritious Procrastination

To continue being described as “fruity” like thy self a juicy fruity sack of strange love amd information.  Dripping nutritious procrastination is what jimmyinspazZz does best.  Yet in Malawi my balls would be sweating fierce with my shiny gay nature against the law.  No fruity in Malawi which comes through in this strain.




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