Ghost OG Cannabis by jimmyinspazZz

Ghost OG

Ghost OG Terpenes Unique & Tasty

The terpenes in Ghost OG are a unique bunch. Multiple smells jump at the ol factory senses at once creating some of the tasty ganja. Trying to place the odor is hard, but spicy leather and cream comes to mind.


Indica dominant weed ganja original photography by jimmyinspazZz Cannabis of indica dominant variety is 0.5%+ in terpene myrcene. Hybridized not 100% indica
Ghost Og

Supernaturally Stoned With Ghost OG

Never lets me down no matter how often it is on my menu. Great Stoney buzz that feels like being wrapped in a warm blanket. Comes on heavy right away, but doesn’t get sleepy until a half an hour into high. Medicinally pertinent for its strong pain relief qualities and muscle relaxant properties.

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