Golden Lemons Hybrid Cannabis 



Golden Lemons cannabis is a 50/50 hybrid.  Very even buzz that works well for getting work done with medium pain relief.  Most notably a guaranteed head change in a positive direction. 

Cannabinoids affect the Endocannabinoid System which has a general purpose of keeping the body in homeostasis.  Overuse which is common for recreational purposes can blur with medicinal use where small amounts go a very long way.

Nuances like quantity are stacked with different percentages, dr rx’s combining, lifestyle, and all of these personally experimental in nature for us to even have a clue how it will react with our chemistry.  

Golden Lemons is the ganja to start journey with a taste to pucker the lips for.  Bright sunshine comes from sniffing the jar alone.  Great for novice cannabis user.

Golden Lemons is

Jew’s Gold X Lemon Skunk

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