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Alton Baker Park Eugene Oregon

Alton Baker Eugene Oregon Graffiti by jimmyinspazZz.com

One of my favorite places in the city of Eugene Oregon.  As a hub to our beautiful river path Alton Baker Park spans a large part of the city and hosts many activities.   My interest in music takes me to the Cuthbert Stadium which is in the heart of the park a dozen times a year.

Graffiti on Autzen Footbridge at Alton Baker Park by jimmyinspazZz


The park is a magical place to smoke a joint in private, sit by river watching kayaks roll by, dogs chase frisbees in their very own canine park, and listen to music flow from the outdoor venue.  Graffiti sprinkles the paths mostly aesthetically pleasing while staying out of wooded hiking paths.

Ferry Street Bridge at Alton Baker Park at Sunrise While Dispensary Hopping by jimmyinspazZz Photography

Towering Trees & Natural Corridor

Being in Eugene Oregon for any length of time there is a good chance Alton Baker Park will cross your path. Whether seeing our glamorous football stadium towering misplaced yet appropriately in center of park.

Seems that way from afar when passing on I-5 though the park architects had the foresight to leave most of park in natural state. All the towering trees and natural corridor along paths hide most surrounding urban elements including stadium from most places in Alton Baker Park.

Did You know Alton Baker Park hosts the first Nobel Peace Park ever?

No doubt the park is an awesome asset to our community and the whole world at large. The first Nobel Peace Park in the United States was dedicated a park within Alton Baker Park.  Endless things to do and see when covering from end to end of 413 acres. For more information about park visit the resources area below which is where all this historical information was obtained.

Word "Blast" spraypainted white Alton Baker Eugene Oregon Graffiti by jimmyinspazZz.com

Gratitude For Parks In Urban Spaces

After watching a lengthy documentary about NYC Central Park there has been a strong feeling of gratitude and a bit of amazement.  Humbling really, 20 acres was purchased in 1881 and sat for almost a century when in 1959 it slowly became the paradise our community enjoys.  Helps me to see the bigger picture and turn up the volume on my dreams coming true.  

Alton Baker Park Graffiti Photography by jimmyinspazZz (6)
Alton Baker Park Graffiti Photography by jimmyinspazZz (6)

Disapproval of Crap & Crappy Placement

jimmyinspazZz feels the need to explain that approval of graffiti everywhere or anywhere within park is not where my photography comes from or is portraying. Vibrant colors, thoughtful while making the world a more beautiful place to be and see.  Personally do not have the skill just admire urban art.

All of this graffiti was from bike/pedestrian path in a small section after passing Ferry Street Bridge going North crossing MLK BLVD and under overpass to Coburg Rd.  Graffiti can enhance or blemish an urban space and as a photographer it hurts when I see bad representations blemishing a good urban art culture.

Ferry Street Bridge Graffiti at Alton Baker Park at Sunrise While Dispensary Hopping by jimmyinspazZz Photography
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