Grand Slam Ganja 


Grand Slam is a indica dominant 70/30 cannabis which is a combination of American Pie with Grandpa’s Breath.


Grand Slam Cannabis Lineage Black Background

American Pie=  Bay 11 x Cherry Pie

Grandpa’s Breath= OG Kush Breath x {OG Kush Tahoe cut x Grand Daddy Purple} 


Grand Slam Cannabis Is Potent Indica 70/30 So Heavy On Relaxation Albeit Giggly

Grand Slam cannabis is a potent indica dominant 70/30 with a strong Skunk vibe to the buzz.  Very heavy on the relaxation with a social giggly head change which slowly results in couch lock followed a sedation that calls for a pillow.  Minor case of munchies and low pain relieving qualities, but still could ease some minor aches or anxiety.

Grand Slam is indica 80/20 being a combination of American Pie X Grandpas Breath created by Dungeons Vault Genetics


Grand Slam Ganja Buds Are Huge With A Skunky Meshed With Gassy Taste

Buds are huge on Grand Slam and break up nicely into joint rolling material.  As mentioned there is a Skunk vibe which is also in the odor and taste.  Meshing with the earthy spice laden skunk is a gassy funk which I think is the Chemdawg pushing through.  There is a cough as there is with most strong strains, but nothing over the top.


Grand Slam Sensimilla Good For Recreational Purposes  

Grand Slam is a great strain for recreational purposes as long as mild indicas do not put to sleep.  In that case either mix with a sativa strain or try another more alert strain for party night such as Animal Cookies or Carpet Tape.  Both are excellent hybrid strains maybe at times leaning a little sativa 60/40 depending on how they are grown.  Both ganja varieties pack a great high without making sleepy.

carpet tape hybrid cannabis art by jimmyinspazzz cannabis philomath and photography

Animal CookiesHybrid weed hybridized ganja original photography by jimmyinspazZz Hybridized cannabis combines both genetics of sativa and indica flower varieties


jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Grand Slam at Grasslands Dispensary in fabulous Eugene Oregon on 154 Lawrence Street




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