Grape Vine Ganja Strain

By jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Grape Ape X Do-si-dos


Very Mellow Strain; High Medicinal Value

Grape Vine cannabis is a very mellow strain with more of a medicinal high.  Recreational use would put any party or outing to sleep pretty fast.  Within a half an hour of ingesting this pot a lethargic heavy feeling sets in stoning the entire body to the core.


Smells Like Purple Pez With Big Fluffy Sensimilla Flower Buds 

Big buds with a fluffy feel.  Although fluff this flower is great for rolling joints or shredding to make ganja food.  With the sleepy tone of this high I decided to make brownies with the shake and a few buds.  Smells strongly of purple Pez with same flavor coming through in smoke and edibles.



Excellent For Insomnia, Eating Disorders and Muscle Relaxation

Sensimilla like Grape Vine is excellent medicine for insomnia, eating disorders and as a muscle relaxant.  Right after partaking in this strain a slow feeling of body waves takes over leaving muscles relaxed. 

This feeling gets stronger almost making it hard to conjure up the energy to go on a munchie run.  Eventually though the motivation of hunger will get stronger and stronger until right before passing out. 

Try not to fall asleep while chewing it can be dangerous although a little snack in the beard is always a treat =)  Just kidding folks!!



jimmyinspazZz purchased the cannabis strain Grape Vine at Eugreen Health Center right across from the bus station in downtown Eugene at 1111 Willamette





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