Head Cheese Ganja Review by jimmyinspazZz

Head Cheese combines the genetics of 707 Headband with UK Cheese.  Both are sativa dominant  strongholds of pain relief having their own reputations built.  Head Cheese combines the best effects of numbing sensation, head driven buzz bordering on frantic and so much creativity  can be harnessed.  

Smooth, tangy smoke that is much thicker and potent than such smoothness implies.  Easy to over do it with a ceilingless buzz that rolls along until last joint rolls.  Chance of anxiety.  Lack of sedation calls on my sexual nature with red-orange hairs interwoven into dense stimulating buds adding to that mood.

Would smoke it any and every time my paws could find mid to top shelf flower like this at economy rates.  Would call Head Cheese great mid winter weed =)

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