Holy Ghost Haze Cannabis Review By jimmyinspazZz


Lineage: Satori X Amnesia Haze X Pitbull X Durban Poison

Vibrant Tasting Cannabis

This strain tasted awesome carrying the way the flower smelled in the jar all the way to my tongue without missing a beat. The terpenes in Holy Ghost Haze are very vibrant reminding of a sativa yet without an overwhelming animated sativa buzz.

Good For Depression, minor pain relief, Great Recreational

One of the few strains I would suggest for depression because it rides the hybrid middleground very well without ever getting boring. The pain relief was limited so this being a more social high would be great for recreational purposes. Usually not a fan of middleground hybrids, but this strain is one jimmyinspazzz would suggest.

Sativa Dominant cannabis leans in direction of sativa. A sativa is classified by having less than -0.5% myrcene. Myrcene is a monoterpene known for making user sedated with a body high.
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