Hugo Hindu Cannabis Strain

Lineage: Phenotype of Hindu Kush

Hugo Hindu is a wonderful strain that emerges as a phenotype of Hindu Kush.  Hindu Kush is an original landrace strain from the Hindu-Kush mountain region in Pakistan and bordering countries. 

This sensimilla strain is 100% indica with strong body numbing which comes in waves.  A very strong ganja often being seem with THC percentages of 20% and above.  Packing a good buzz worth of other cannabinoids this flower often has 1-2% CBD or cannabidiol.

Sedation is a strong quality leaving this weed to be more medicinal than recreational.  Cannabis Hugo Hindu comes with a strong case of munchies so be prepared. Buds are large, smoke with ease albeit very moist and taste strongly of fennel seed or black licorice. All around a fabulous medicine, but especially useful for eating disorders, strong anxiety, insomnia and pain.

This cannabis was purchased at Oregon Medigreen in Eugene Oregon in 2017 by jimmyinspazZz.

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