Hurkle Sensimilla Strain


Hurkle Indica Cannabis by jimmyinspazZz

Indica Dominant

Lineage: Querkle X Harlequin

Hurkle is a unique cannabis variety which is not seen on the shelves very often.  When asked a trusted budtender told me that Hurkle was not the easiest of varieties to grow.  No doubt if it were easier to cultivate this strain would be very popular.

Indica CBD Strains Are Nice Even If Sleepy

With a double punch of bliss the indica effect coupled with CBD is very comforting immediately bringing on a feeling of peace of mind.  There is a warming effect which is similar to opioids but much more natural and ten times more functional.  Not per se working in any capacity because Hurkle will relax to the point of glazed over eyes and  couch lock.

Hurkle by jimmyinspazZz Photography

Hurkle Has Ratio Of 1:1 THC/CBD

The ratio of THC/CBD for Hurkle is 1:1 which works very well.  jimmyinspazZz preference is a 3:1 for CBD strains, but the majority of them are sativa dominant.  Sativa dominant seems to be my preference, but that is mainly because that is what I have purchased due to availability.  Hurkle has broadened the horizon though indica CBD strains are a very nice experience.  THC buzz is not very strong which is not a bad thing at all.

Sweet, Smooth Smoke Tasted Like Black Cherry

Smoke was sweet and tasted a little like black cherry juice and wheat.  Really it tasted like hay as a lot of CBD strains do, but when the Querkle terpenes combine.  Blah, blah hay is for horses =)  The ganja is easy to inhale being very smooth with very little coughing.  Would be interesting to try edibles made with this sensimilla strain.

Hurkle (Flower Lyfe) by jimmyinspazZz (6)

Pain Relief Aspects Of Hurkle Are Amazing

The buzz is very medicinal and would seem too relaxing as a recreational pot.  The pain relief aspects of Hurkle are amazing.  Once the wave of ‘peace of mind’ comes over the body it continues to increase at relaxing rates until a few puffs on this flower turns on a healing effect.  Not a strong munchies flower but have a snack and beverage nearby for a complete unwinding. 

Excellent Muscle Relaxer Without Foggy Hangover 

Muscle relaxing effects are very good.  My body goes to sleep within a half hour of smoking Hurkle every time with no fail.  Another really nice feature with HUrkle is waking up well rested and with a clear head.  Some cannabis buzz’s hang over in a foggy headed, lethargic manner which can make the whole healing aspect of cannabis counter-productive.  Hurkle does not fll into that bunch being a top of the line medicine.


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