Jack Herer Cannabis

Jack Herer is a sativa acting on first impact with first hit of this tasty pinene and caryophyllene filled cannabis.

Animated buzz that builds upon itself creating a high that is without ceiling.  Should be used with caution for those with high anxiety.

Excellent for migraines.

Haze a sativa cannabis strain photographed and reviewed by jimmyinspazzzHaze, a multi-landrace strain still considered a pure landrace because all parents were 100%

Also Haze has 3 sativa parents almost 100% sativa yet isstillconsidered a hybrid because it has been hybridized 3 different ways

jimmyinspaZz always thinks of Haze as anomaly wee for those two facts plus it is not a haze of a buzz at all.  Haze is focused high energy adventure weed.  Also a three strike anomalweed     ok, moving on

Northern Lights a landrace strain by jimmyinspazzz
Northern Lights is a landrace and nice, light smoke with unique taste that is very natural,sage-like.


Shiva is the third strain bred together to make Jack Herer.  Had to look that bud up because have not seen it yet in a dispensary.  She is an indica and it is kind of fun that her parent is Northern Lights #5 mixed with Skunk #1



Cannabis Art by jimmyinspazzz.com
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