Lavender Jones Sensimilla

By jimmyinspazZz

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Lineage: Purple Urkle X Casey Jones

Indica Dominant 

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Lavender Jones sensimilla is indica dominant created by crossing Purple Urkle which leans indican with Casey Jones a hybrid.  Smell of this cannabis is faint and flowery.

Not necessarily lavender with my leaning going with honeysuckle.  The stronger odor is skunk and dank which couples nicely with floral notes albeit causing a harsh cough.  A cannabis variety that is most certainly fabulous unless I had lung issues like even a simple cold.

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Buzz is dreamy with Euphoria & Extremely Relaxing

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The buzz does not hit heavy right away it is incremental take off which may seem like a lame high.  This should be ignored for the bud structure and coating of beautiful trichomes on this flower should put any worries to rest. 

When Lavender Jones reaches full impact within 20 minutes or so the buzz is really sweet.  Lavender Jones will not knock the user out right away with a gregarious and thoughtful vibe.  Nice for movie nights with a good meal.   Large buds that are excellent for rolling joints.   

 Lavender Jones sensimilla strain was purchased by jimmyinspazZz in the fabulous college town of Eugene Oregon at Hunky Dory



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