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Indica Dominant

Mango Kush

Mango OG an indica dominant strain which has lineage of OG Kush X Mango Original Photograph by jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Mango X OG Kush

Mango is basically an indica leaning very heavily in that direction.  KC Brains in Holland bred KC 33 and an Afghani indica to make the tasty treat that packs a powerful buzz.  

C10H16 or Myrcene a natural organic volatile hydrocarbon found in mangoes, parsley, basil, weed and hops to name a few

For years ever so often someone would say eat a mango before getting stoned for twice the buzz.  Being skeptical in nature it always seemed urban legend or myth because we all know Elvis & Tupac are partying it up with bigfoot. 

As it turns out they just might be because Mangos are packed with myrcene.  Myrcene is the terpene that makes an indica thus so if greater than 0.5%   Found in a bunch of foods aside from cannabis like basil, cloves, lemongrass this terpene causes a sedation. 

Myrcene is medicinal in so many ways it is no coincidence large amounts are found in ganja. Nature knows best.

Turns out this sedation is a side effect of myrcene helping  THC and other fat soluble elements cross the blood brain barrier.  Not only does this terpene assist absorption of THC it acts as analgesic helping numb pain.  Anti Inflammatory properties add to the entourage of effects which occur when cannabinoids, terpenes and cannaflavins combine.

Amazingly not binding to opiate receptors myrcene sets a reaction that cause’s  natural endogenous opiates released.  Unlike external opiates this does not cause tolerance.  Also I just learned that myrcene aids in glucose tolerance so an excellent choice for diabetic diets.

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