Mary Chino Cherry Shatter Review by jimmyinspazZz

Mary Chino Cherry shatter is tasty.  Sweet with a similarity to cherries that is uncanny.  Really coming through in the concentrate.  Surely the cannabis flower is of similar flavor notes.  

For those who do not know “shatter” is a concentrate of original flower for strong fast effect.  Smoking some ‘Cherry Charlie’ right now that is strong on that terpene.  There is a spice to those strains like ‘Cherry Head’.

Of course Cherry Pie whom is co-parent with Orange Tahoe.  In my opinion orange strains can have a spice of their own.  For example the strain ‘Blood Orange’ clears my sinus of allergy blockage amazingly.   

Some zest which clearly enhances with combination because Mary Chino Cherry although not the best high was a taste  to make it nice.  Terpenes are a treasure of life no doubt.



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