More Blue Magoo Cannabis by jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: DJ Short Blueberry X Williams Wonder F2 clone also known as Major League Bud. Indica dominant 70/30 which always hits the spot for kicking it with friends watching TV or reading before bedtime. Not super heavy eventually settling in dreamland this cannabis gives a little room for chill. Plus tastes nice and sweet with buds that break up fabulous into joints.

Blue Magoo Photography By jimmyinspazzz

Apologies if the same strain is posted more than once or even twice. With the nature of cannabis it comes and goes with different grows. So if a strain is enjoyed there will be lots of pictures of the same flower.

The Internet world tends to like new material but not necessarily of the same thing. Ganja on the other hand can look different depending on how it is grown as well may have other characteristics elevated or milder. Often strains known for colors have when grown certain ways will have more of the purples and oranges or more vibrant hues. Being light deprived or given varient amount of a specific nutrient can increase certain phytochemicals.

Just love weed all around so in kind of a dork about it so am happy to look at 100 pictures of the same strain all grown differently. Totally geek out about all the little nuances. May not be the best photographer or have the top equipment yet my ability to have a hands on approach with so many different types of cannabis does allow for different perspective.

As well a heads up or opinion on how certain strains may react with readers or their friends. That way just because lack of scientific research has been done doesn’t mean folks who could benefit from sensimilla should fear to go into it blindly. We are all learning together.

If you see the same strain don’t assume it’s the same pictures cause most likely it’s not. Maybe the same information about lineage or effect, but I will try not to be too redundant. Stoners aren’t always known for their great memories 🙂

Not an excuse though so I have been creating and using memory games. Will share more of them soon. Hope that folks are taking advantage of and enjoying them 🙂


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