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Lineage: DJ Short Blueberry X Williams Wonder F2 clone


Also known as Major League Bud. Indica dominant 70/30 which always hits the spot for kicking it with friends watching TV or reading before bedtime. Not super heavy eventually settling in dreamland this cannabis gives a little room for chill. Plus tastes nice and sweet with buds that break up fabulous into joints.



Sensimilla Can Have Enhanced Traits If Grown Certain Ways: Brighter Colors

The Internet world tends to like new material but not necessarily of the same thing. Ganja on the other hand can look different depending on how it is grown and may also have other characteristics enhanced through different growing conditions.  Strains known for having cool colors can be grown to maximize the amount of cannaflavins increasing color value.   Sensimilla given proper nutrients can produce purples and oranges or more vibrant hues. Being light deprived or given variant amount of a specific nutrient can increase certain phytochemicals also.



Cannaflavins are flavonoids specific to cannabis.  Flavonoids are plant metabolites and antioxidants in our food including cannabis. Flavonoids are what give plants majority of color. All of the beautiful purples, reds, oranges and many shades of green are attributed to these lightweight molecules which protect plants from plaque.  Flavonoids are polyphenolic with 15 carbon atoms and soluble in water.



jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Blue Magoo at Grasslands Dispensary on 154 Lawrence St in Eugene Oregon




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