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Lineage: Northern Lights #5 X Grape 

Northern Grape 2 by jimmyinspazZz


Northern Grape Is A Potent Cannabis Being Purely Medicinal

Northern Grape is a strong strain with effects that are purely medicinal.  My experience with this strain (which is still very rare with the only information coming from dispensary).  Very little to nothing really could be found online.  Surmise it is because this strain is not very enjoyable even though it is fabulous for insomnia.

Insomnia Relief With Numbing relief of muscle body pain Following Morning

Insomnia relief is really the reason this strain exist because there is very little high before zonking out hard.  Even at a low percentage of 17% Northern Grape took hold  right away like Mike Tyson knocked out first round not even a minute into the buzz.  There is a strong numbing effect I can attest to which is so potent it can be felt upon awakening with a groggy lethargic feeling. This strain could be excellent for folks with morning pain if they ingest the night before and sleep off super heavy part of Northern Grape.Northern Grape by jimmyinspazZz






Northern Lights Overpowers Grape Strain In Terpene Flavor

The terpenes in the Northern Light shine through the grape leaving only a tinge of fruity sweetness.  My opinion is that NL #5 tastes like sweetgrass that Native Americans used to burn for rituals with a smooth, light smoke that is not harsh.  If anything the terps are a bit boring with effect being main appeal to Northern Grape.  I can imagine it would be good for ladies menstruation.  Do not ask me why on that one just take my word for it.

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