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Nuken 2 by jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: Kish (2 Shishkaberry Phenotypes crossed) X God Bud

Nuken (Medigreen) by jimmyinspazZz


Nuken Is Indica Dominant Here Is Breakdown Of Ganja Strains Lineage

Nuken cannabis is a indica dominant strain with a sedating parent and a gregarious.  Shishkaberry is very sedating for me after about 20 minutes of being high.  Very consistent strain in that sleepy, relaxing way. Although Kish is a strain made by crossing two Shishkaberry phenos which could have created a whole different reaction.  Am excited to try Kish someday.

Together Genetically God Bud And Kish Make trade Offs;Kish’s Flavor and Strong Pain Relief; God Buds Less Sleepy More Gregarious Aspects

God Bud is a bit more flexible with being social and alert.  It is still indica dominant and after about an hour the indica effects start to be felt very heavy, but there is plenty of high time before zonking out.  Together in Nuken ganja the two genetics have made trade offs with the high being more comparable to God Bud and the peppery terps in Kish along with strong numbing pain relief.

Nuken 3 by jimmyinspazZz

Flower Does Not Have Strong Odor; Very Compact, Dense Buds

Nuken cannabis is ideal for situations in which being low key is the goal.  This indica dominant flower is very dense which seems to help conceal the little smell which is there.  Speaking of dense these buds are so compact that it does not seem like the quantity is enough.  After breaking those little bad boys open it will be a surprise how long Nuken lasts. Nuken 3 by jimmyinspazZz

Sensimilla That Packs A Punch From Oregon Medigreen In Eugene Oregon

Thickness is one thing, but this sensimilla strain also packs a punch with a little bit going a low way since she kind of creeps up on a fellow,  Nuken is good weed that jimmyinspazZz purchased at Oregon Medigreen at Lawrence in between 5th and 6th ave right before onramp to Beltline in little shopping center on corner.  James and his son Lee will take excellent care with very affordable heady buds.



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