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By jimmyinspazZz


Orange Alien (Flower Of Lyfe) by jimmyinspazZz (2)

Lineage: Orange Cookies X 
Alien Technology

Orange Alien Cookies is slightly sativa dominant cannabis with parents of Orange Cookies and Alien Technology.  Not too much from me to say about this flower.  It would be unfair for me to say anything but the good qualities because it was $2 a gram.  Any time there is a strain for under $7 a gram my expectations are not high which is a totally intended pun.  


Orange Alien Cookies Screams Bold Citrus Character

Some of the best strains involve the word orange because those strains truly have the essence of orange oil in them.  That or orange ganja strains share a combination of all the same terpenes around the same percentages as a orange rind.  Come to learn it can be both.  Go figure =)  Orange Alien Cookies came through with strong terpene profile which screams bold citrus character.

Orange Alien (Flower Of Lyfe) by jimmyinspazZz (11)

Orange Oil Terpene Facts

Orange flavored or scented oils consist of terpenes over 90% limonene. With a-pinene, sabinene myrcene, linalool, δ-3-Carene and sometimes octanal or decanal making uo other 10% the list.  Many of the terpenes which are on that list are antibacterial and antimicrobial in nature which is why orange oil is often used in cleaning supplies in heavy concentrations.  



Orange Strains Mainly Sativa But Do Stretch Indican Hybrids

Orange strains smell and taste strikingly citrus, zesty and give the head an instant focus.  Orange Velvet is a smooth sailing hybrid,  Agent Orange rolling a bit sativa dominant as majority do or Extreme Orange on the sleepier indica end of spectrum.  My absolute favorite is called Blood Orange which is excellent for allergies with a spice to it that clears sinus fast. 

So many Orange strains do not confuse Orange Alien Cookies with Alien Orange Cookies which is Alien Tahoe OG X Lemon Alien Dog.  Similar name, actually same name except dispensary had both at same time so had to switch words.  Keep in mind they are different profile all together also one was $2 and the othert $14.  Orange strains are awesome for mixing with strains that do not taste so great improving the flavor.


jimmyinspazZz purchased this sensimilla strain Orange Alien Cookies (Alien Orange Cookies different version) at Flower Of Lyfe on Broadway between Charnelton and Lincoln in fabulous downtown Eugene Oregon.




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