Orion’s Belt Cannabis


Lineage: Unknown, but reached out to Shango the breeders 


Orion’s Belt Ganja Is Complete Cannabis Package 

Orion’s Belt is the complete package of ganja goodies.  Just a glimpse at the bud structure being dense with a light bounce in the jar.  Getting up closer to this flower is a multi-colored rainbow treat.  Purples, reddish-oranges, several shades of green all coated in disco ball trichome splendor.  Orion’s Belt cannabis was a beautiful sight for the eyes to see.


Dank Cannabis Smells Like Nasty Baby Shit (In A Good Way)

If the looks of this nugget already had me sold, the smell of it might have had me selling my sole.  Wearing my favorite pair of Chuck’s that day so a statement like that is a big deal =)  There is no couth way to say this the cannabis smelled dank as in really nasty, green from peas, orange from carrots, thick like clay baby shit. The good stuff!

Taste of the smoke did not stray far from odor with a heavy hack or two expected.  The cough is a ritual by now reacting to super stinky sensimilla with some coughs is much like giving a standing ovation at the theater.  Bravo, Bravo now pass that back this way =)

Orion's Belt cannabis is an indica strain created by Shango here in fabulous Oregon with all around dank appeal from beautiful multi-colored buds, to smooth terpene packed smoke, creating the complete sensimilla package with a quality sedating buzz that is fun and giggly high times before the blissful sleepy pain relieving qualities kick in Photographs and Review by jimmyinspazZz

Orion’s Belt Sensimilla Keeps Head Stoned 3-4 Hours Off Two Hits Very Potent

Reality is one or two hits of a bong will see a stony buzz set loose for a few hours.  Orion’s Belt is a super high that unlike a lot strains lasts for 3 or 4 hours usually ending in either a nap or bedtime.  There are intermittent munchies so a great appetite stimulator.  Strong pain relief coupled with muscle relaxing properties is very nice on the medical side of things.


Shango is the breeder, and I have enjoyed the multiple flowers and concentrates by their company.  jimmyinspazZz purchased Orion’s Belt indica cannabis in super great Eugene Oregon downtown across from the bust station on Willamette at Eugreen Health Center on the corner.

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