Overlord OG Cannabis


Lineage: OG Kush X Chemdawg X Skunk

Overlord OG Is Potent Ganja as might have been guessed with powerhouse parents like OG Kush and Chemdawg.  A gassy nose on the bud that stink up entire room soon as jar is cracked. When inhaling the smoke it is not as chemical smelling with a creamy, smooth coating of stinky, but wonderfully so, Skunky. Smoke is thick and hearty reminding me of Triple Crown OG in that way as well the flavor notes are similar, not exact.


Thick, Juicy Buds & Potent Smoke Always Leading To A Stoned Jolly Affair

When you throw in some Skunk it is a downright stoned jolly affair every time when partaking in Overlord OG.  Buds are thick and juicy best roasted in a bowl with everything about this bud being too much for a joint.  Usually that would be a negative characteristic in this case it is a compliment with sedative effects matching pain relief factor this is one for the medicine cabinet. For folks with a heavy tolerance Overlord OG is ‘one of those’ strains that still get us baked when all else fails. 


jimmyinspazZz purchased sensimilla strain Overlord OG within the awesome city limits of Eugene Oregon at Grasslands Dispensary 154 Lawrence right next to Skinner’s Butte (that is the Butte that is downtown-ish)



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