Pandora's Box Ganja

Pandora's Box Combines Genetics of 2 Sativa Dominant Strains

Pandora’s Box is a combination of two sativa leaning ganja strains.  Jack The Ripper is one of my favorite orange tasting flowers with just enough lift off to keep me happily stoned for hours.  Really Ripper is just a unique tasty cleverly named bud.  The second parent will come up shortly.

Jack the Ripper is a combination of Jack’s Cleaner X Space Queen a TGA Subcool creation transpiring while trying to get JC to seed.  This gets a little heavy, but follow along for some fascinating genetics information.

A breeder has all these tools of knowledge available from accumulated science that gives a clear roadmap.  The Mendelian square is a predictable scientific method to determine the phenotypes two plants will produce if both are stable.

Phenotype Is Stable, Consistent Trait


Stable being a consistent trait (phenotype) such as purple leaves, resinous buds, fast flowering cycle, resistance to mold, or wide variety of genetic variations humans desire from cannabis.

A good example of this would be the current trend of breeding CBD back into ganja due to decades of secret recreational caused by a deceptive governments propaganda. 

That is not the topic at hand though just the reason CBD took a hiatus from our culture.  Stoners wanted a bang for our back especially if medicating made us criminals.

Cannabis Culture Produces Plenty Of Strains Yet Few Are High Quality

There are some other nuances like recessive genes to further complicate the process.  Ganja is a weed yet can be very fickle and more challenging to grow than most folks know.  There is a lot of weed in the world albeit 80% or more is not grown to potential or quality. A lot of folks just work with what they have got so as not to waste all that time and money.  Others go for the quality staples they set out for no matter how long it takes mainly because once we go diggity dank without it costing bank fuck all that stank. 

Which is why phenomenal strains exist with reputable sought after names.  Northern Lights, Blue Dream, Dogwalker, Jack Herer, Blue City Diesel, 9# Hammer, ATF, Blueberry and the list although long is small compared to how many crap strains come and go.  Cannabis culture produces just under 1,000 strains a year as of late with recreational trends and all the cool kids needing to put their stamp on the next GG, Trainwreck, or Og Kush.

Amidst all of them obstacles of humans trying to bend nature to our will I would like to add this process multiplied by two seperate phenotypes there is no doubt cannabis breeders are highly intelligent.  Props! 


In order for a phenotype such as high CBD strain to become stable enough to always produce that trait there is an immense amount of knowledge, patience and often continual failure before a strain is solid.  To make this happen by luck or wisdom a breeder must finds that trait he so desires keeping it clear of unwanted characteristics like disease, mold, attraction to bugs, height, taste, etc.  

The cool part is that these phenotypes can be trained into the genetics through environmental factors we control like humidity, fertilizer and things like amount of light.  Landraces in general are truly stable with little variation When the breeder is totally sure the plants have the stable genetics the plants usually inbred brothers and sisters from original  solid phenos which creates F1 generation. 

In the case of Jack The Ripper it was crossed with Space Queen until stable enough to produce seeds so as not to be clone only.  The intention of this post was a short review of Pandora’s Box when it was realized that Space Queen stabilized Jack The Ripper after a long incestual homozygous love affair.


Cannabis That Is Sweet, Lively with musky aftertaste

Totally gets me off intellectually that Space Queen came back around for yet another round of long, hard phenotype stabilizing pollination over and over to create the miracle of Pandora’s Box.  Sweet, lively with a musky  aftertaste which goes right to the dome.  Big buds that stuck together like coated in honey.  Having smoked both parent strains previously there is no doubt the best qualities of both shine through in sativa leaning 80/20 Pandora’s Box.

This F1 can be backcrossed with a parent, inbred with a sibling or outcrossed with with different plant, if outsourced father is same strain different plant this is double crossing.  Although the latter option is best for plant health also slowing down process called inbreeding depression this is the most challenging scenario to produce.  

At F7 or seven generations of this process a plant should be stabilized for a phenotype.  The first few generations will undoubtedly by less stable and if either parent has recessive genes the likelihood of passing that on is high. Between F3 and F5 the plants gain regularity amongst characteristics the issue is that it also phases out other DNA variations which are necessary to plant health.


enough to produce seeds so as not to be clone only.  The intention of this post was a short review of Pandora’s Box when it was realized that Space Queen stabilized Jack The Ripper after a long incestual homozygous love affair.


Ganja Is An Intelligent Plant

The real props should probably go to the plant herself whom I argue is smarter being more adaptable than any animal on the planet.  Humans are doing all the work for this plant spreading ganja across the globe to places landraces would never have seen.

 All the while selectively breeding as strong, defensive and awesome tasting super weed ensuring sensimilla is not going anywhere, anytime soon.

Humans have a strong connection with this recreational medicine even more so with recent science involving the endocannabinoid system that exists in our body with a lock and key effect to cannabinoids in ganja.  There is a much stronger connection between animals and plants which  is unveiled more everyday as the science hidden for decades by prohibition emerges.

Being both exciting and very serious considering  what our cannabis culture has been through jimmyinspazZz welcomes dialogue. Will continue sharing any knowledge obtained over my 25 year relationship with Mary Jane which I am proud to say is substantial, factual and overwhelming so stick around if ganja is a passion of yours. 

jimmyinspazZz is long winded, hyperactive, weird (artist), occasionally offensive, rarely offended (Philly born and raised), an excellent lover (scorpio =) and self coined Cannabis Philomath. 

That makes you family thus so I will have my fams back with any questions, concerns, love shout outs, diatribes, or advice for me or you.  Just be careful I am honest and stoned 24/7 waiting for a stranger to come shake my hand.

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