Pineapple Cannabis Strain

My Experience Feels More Sativa High

Pineapple is a hybrid 50/50 give or take 15 in either direction. Everything online says the strain points slightly indica my experiences are different always reacting more sativa. This may be due to ADD/ADHD causing some strains to have an opposite effect on me.

Great Aphrodiasic Cannabis Treat Like Viagra

For me this ganja is a masterpiece for getting things with a positive outlook. Mopping, running errands that usually suck, or spend the time having sex. Pineapple ganja has a aphrodisiac like effect bringing moments of passionate love making with a partner or by yourself. Treat it like Viagra without the nasty side effects.

Photography by jimmyinspazZz


Taste Of Pineapple Ganja A Bit Monotone

Main thing about the strain is you can’t hate pineapples because it does taste very similar. I like pineapples but need intervals of smoking other weeds because this flavor can be a bit redundant. It’s not a mix of different notes it’s one flavor which is tropical, fruity sour. Buds are usually very sticky and moist not best for rolling joints.


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