Pink Champagne Ganja By jimmyinspazZz

Pink Champagne is an indica 80/40 leaning ganja combing a special Ken’s Granddaddy Purple grown by breeder Ken Estes who crossed this with Cherry Pie.  This cannabis also goes by the name ‘Wow Kush’, ‘Phantom Kush’ or ‘Raspberry Kush’ not to be confused with ‘Razzberry Kush’.

Strong Body Wave Buzz

Pink Champagne is an extremely effective pain reliever, insomnia aid, stress reliever and eating disorders. The buzz is strong full body waves of relaxation. Not a complete knock out Cannabis strain so keeping attention is possible just simple mindless activities for focus and motivation lacks.

Excellent Pot For Eating Disorders

My opinion is this strain would be excellent for eating disorders. An intense case of the munchies comes on about a half an hour in. Also due to the stress relieving nature being comfortable with yourself is inevitable when you’re high on Pink Champagne. Roll with it, you are beautiful 🙂

Big Juicy Sweet Ganja Buds

Flower itself is big and juicy buds. Pulling the ganja apart spreads the beautiful sweet odor comparable to OG Kush with a sweeter tone. This sweetness is especially noticeable upon inhale almost perfume-like. Let it be noted jimmyinspazZz did not mean old lady perfume at all calling on more honeysuckle floral meets dank cotton candy.

Decent Price For High Quality

Decent price for such high quality weed.Pink Champagne ganja is not a very common strain yet my guess is it will be since it is newer. After enough folks try this sensimilla the pain relieving qualities coupled with sweet thick smoked mellow buzz the popularity will rise. Let’s just hope the price doesn’t 🙂


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