Power Kush By jimmyinspazZz Photography

Power Kush Indica Dominant Sensimilla Photographed by jimmyinspazZz

Lineage: {Afghani x Skunk #1} x {Afghani x Skunk #1}

jimmyinspazzz Power Kush Review

Coffee And Berries 

Power Kush is a decent strain. Tastes like coffee and berries with a dirty aftertaste (that was enjoyed, much like patchouli). A little bit of burn in back of nose and upper throat area on the exhale at times. The buds were small to medium sized lighter green than the usual hue with pretty orange hairs woven throughout.

Awesome Flower For Joints

Flower breaking up into joint material which I personally have come to favor. The buzz def had a warm body wave that settles into moderate pain relief. Leans more toward the hybrid middle ground which did not appeal to me so much. Great for some moderate pain relief where there is still a need to concentrate or get things done. 
Sensimilla strain Power Kush was purchased by jimmyinspazZz at Eugreen Health Center in downtown Eugene Oregon at 1111 Willamette St.

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Power Kush Indica Dominant Sensimilla Photographed by jimmyinspazZz
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